We are renowned for our chains. We are the only designers who make chain into garden
ornaments. Chain is strong and durable with an unbelievable, surreal quality when made
rigid. These unusual and eye-catching ornaments are handmade from recycled chain.
They look absolutely stunning when planted and create a striking plant display.

We offer a choice of finishes. Some chains have a rusted finish; others can be
hand-painted (black matt) or powder-coated in black satin.
All these finishes are suitable for inside or outdoors.

Chain with handmade basket - rusted finish - diameter 14" (36cm), height 38" (97cm)
£89.00 + £18.00 UK P&P
Rusted chain with handmade basket (14in dia.) Height 97cm (38in)
Rusted chain with handmade basket (14in dia.) Height 97cm (38in) Chain with wire basket - rusted finish - diameter 12" (30cm), height 38" (97cm)
£75.00 + £18.00 UK P&P
Chain for basket or pot - various finishes - diameter 9" or 10" (23cm or 25cm), height 36" (90cm)
£70.00 + £15.00 UK P&P
Rusted chain for a basket or pot (10in and 9in dia.) Height 36in (90cm)
Black Satin Rusted Small chain for plant pot in grey metallic (4in dia.) Height 50cm (20in)
Chain for plant pot - various finishes
diameter 6" (15cm), height 30" (76cm)
£50.00 + £13.00 UK P&P
Small chain for plant pot - various finishes
diameter 4" (10cm), height 20" (50cm)
£35.00 + £12.00 UK P&P
People are amazed and want to know how a chain stands upright: how a plant
appears to balance on the top of the chain. These garden ornaments always attract
attention. If required, we can provide pegs to secure your chain into the ground.

Irongarden ART makes a wide range of chain ornaments with different heights,
diameters and chain sizes, some incorporating spanners and hooks at their bases.
All chain designs can be altered or adapted to suit your own requirements.

planted chain basket - diameter 14 inches or 360mm A huge metal basket (diameter 22 inches or 560mm) with a stable heavy base Chain basket with surreal hooks and rings
Chain wall bracket hand-painted in traditional matt black. Width 30cm (12in)
We can make any bracket
size to order.
Detail showing how spanners can be incorporated into the design. Rusted chain tray with cube base. Height 64cm (25in)
Chain wall bracket - various finishes - width 12" (30cm), height 12" (30cm)
£45.00 + £12.00 UK P&P
New this year -

Chain Rattle Snake.
Made to Order.
Prices from £200.
NEW. A striking garden feature with sculptural head and 'rattle'. Height 54cm (33in)
CUSTOMER FEEDBACK. Chain used as a solar light. New use - A customer has used our
chain for a 'solar light'.

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