Linda Hull, a former fashion and shoe designer and art lecturer, has gone into fashioning steel into durable, handmade garden structures. Linda's background in art and design produces some intricate and unusual work, crafted with the help of husband Kevin. As a forestry worker, and former farmer, Kevin uses his talents to bring Linda's designs to life. Their combined skills and expertise, love of plants and flowers, has created new exciting metalwork for the garden.

Linda began her small rural business with her metal sculptural birdtables that were a far cry from the rustic wooden ones in most people's gardens. These are based on the theme of "growth" and include grapevine (as shown), rose and clematis designs. Recent work includes a collection of metal insects for the garden and re-cycled chain wall brackets, flower baskets and plant potholders.

Kevin's engineering background ensures that design is practical and carefully constructed, with a high standard of workmanship.